We've built a trusted network of ground sources used to verify critical piece of information and analysis, including decision-makers in the political sphere as well as sources on the ground across the region’s various fault lines.


This is in addition to the use of a list of vetted sources from various platforms, including social media, videos, newspapers, which we cross-check and update on a daily basis. Assessments are based on Prime Source’s extensive knowledge of the region through its coverage of transformative development as well as tactical incidents. These assessments are discussed both within and without Prime Source, particularly with local sources on the ground, to gauge their relevance.

These sources and methods led us to be trusted by a variety of clients including governments, financial institutions and multinational corporations.

Multi-Layered Open Source

Prime Source uses several "layers" of intelligence gathering methods including OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), SOCINT (Social Media Intelligence) and a network of ground sources to deliver accurate and reliable information as well as trustworthy assessments based not only on our knowledge of the region but also on information collected from local sources.


Prime Source uses its unique intelligence gathering capabilities to create databases regarding various trends affecting security and business continuity in the Middle East. We believe that by doing so, we provide our clients with another layer of intelligence and predictive insights. Beyond that, we believe that aggregating data is the most efficient way to nullify human bias and further refine our assessments based on facts rather than raw intuitions.

                                                                        Clear-cut Assessments
At Prime Source we realize that our clients are not mere observers of regional trends, but rather decision makers who have to take timely and informed decisions impacting the security of their employees or nationals. While we strive to provide the full picture, we also believe that our job is to put ourselves in the shoes of decision-makers and thus deliver clear-cut predictive assessments.