Assessing Political Risk in Israel and the Middle East Is Our Business

Prime Source is a Tel Aviv-based political risk consultancy, providing cutting-edge political risk analysis and intelligence services to foreign governments, multinational companies and financial institutions operating in Israel and the Middle East at large



Prime Source provides holistic intelligence services tailored to our clients’ needs,. Our  reports contain thorough analysis, inside information and educated forecasts with regard to all major developments and in the Middle East, whether security, political, or economic-related. 



Beyond our expert use of OSINT, Prime Source built a trusted network of ground sources used to verify critical piece of information and analysis, including decision-makers in the political sphere as well as sources on the ground across the region’s various fault lines. 



Among our clients are financial institutions, multinational companies as well as multiple foreign governments all driven by the shared desire to understand the environment in which they operate, the various actors they may face, and risks they may take


Prime Source is a Tel Aviv-based political risk consultancy providing in-depth analysis and behind-the-scenes information on security, political, diplomatic, and economic trends and developments in Israel and the Middle East at large.


Our broad perspective and expert evaluation coupled with our wide network of contacts within both the political and military establishments in Israel as well as across the region enable our clients to understand the environment in which they operate and to better manage the political, security and regulatory risks associated in doing business in Israel and the Middle East.


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